Setting for Zombie Game

The year is 2012, and zombies have been around for about 5 years at this point.

Five years ago, a group of eco-terrorists called LASER (Layman’s Association for Secular Eschatological Redemption) unleashed a plague on London.  This plague first killed all who came in contact with it, but the horror had barely begun.  Hours after thousands of people fell dead from disease, they began to rise and attack those around them.

Though London put this attack down quickly, and were even able to come up with an immunization for the particular strain of “medical undeath” the world would never be the same.

Soon, companies began to manufacture new strains of the disease, in order to be able to make the cure.  Different governments began to use “medical undeath” as a weapon.

There were different strains of this Zombie Plague, and a response team was created as an offshoot of NATO, specifically designed to respond to outbreaks of various Zombie Strains.

In our game, you will encounter different scenarios of zombie outbreaks.  Often the two-three month story-arcs will take place in different parts of the world.  Sometimes the players will specifically be a response team, sent into a troubled area.  Other times, you will be people IN the area, evacuating and surviving an outbreak in your neighborhood.

Opening Story Arc Part 1: Outbreak in the Northeast

Two days ago, an outbreak of one of the more common strains of Medical Undeath struck southern NJ.  The players, this event, are all going to be refugees escaping a massive scale outbreak in their individual towns.

You, as a survivor, have escaped to an abandoned part of the Pine Barrens, where you have found a little shanty town (probably left over from a girl or boy-scout camp).  You have other people here that you don’t know, and all of you are scared and newly homeless.  Your goals will be, currently, fortifying your area and preparing to defend yourself.


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