Weapons, Items, Loot

Even though you can start with item through your paths, you still have to purchase them at sign-ins using your starting money.

You must have your own weapon phys-reps (physical representations); we will not provide you NERF guns or boffer/latex weapons.  When you buy your in-game items, you will be given a tag that you have to keep with you.

Everyone gets 25 $ (in-game, obviously) with which to start the game.  You can spend them on the following items.

Taking Items From Another Player

If you die, and someone searches your body, you give them the TAG, not your weapon.

Note: no one is to ever take personally owned phys-reps from another player.  You are to take the TAGS if you steal the item, and then take the tag to the in-game store to exchange it for cash or whatever.


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