Process

Process

The sign-in process at Exile-Survival has to be very rigid.  There are two periods during the weekend where you can sign-in as a Survivor: 5 PM to 8 PM on Friday, and 11 AM to 1 PM on Saturday.  If you show up outside of those times, you cannot play as a survivor, but can absolutely play as a Non-Player Character (NPC).  The NPCs are our villains and our zombies.


Step 1: Payment and Waiver

Cost to play: 20$

While we function as not-for-profit, we still have costs of running the game (gear, upkeep of the property, etc.)  Because we have our own property, however, we can keep this cost low.

We also have a waiver that you will sign when you arrive at the event, which informs you that this is a very active game, and there is the possibility of injury.  Without this waiver, you will not be allowed to play.

Step1.5: Volunteer Zombie

Now you will have the option to volunteer to be a zombie for a short time in the game.  You will, at that point, report to the Game Director for further instructions.

Generally, you are a zombie until a certain number of players become infected through game play.

If you volunteer to be a zombie, then when you have served your time you will get extra Hit Points added to your character sheet.

Step 2: Character Sheet

On our website, you can find a PDF of the character sheet.  If you print that out and fill it out ahead of time, you will find that the sign-in process goes MUCH more quickly.

Make sure that your character sheet is filled out completely, at which point our Game Director or an assistant will check it over and approve it.

If you need help, we have blank character sheets on site.

Step 3:  Props

At this point, if you have brought in-game weapons with you, and are able to bring them into game, your weapons will be inspected.


If your skills allow you to start with any in-game props, you will be given them at this point.

REMEMBER: Eye Protection is MANDATORY.  You can bring your own, but if you do not have them, you will be required to purchase them at the game.

Eye protection can be as simple as your normal prescription glasses.  We are firing NERF darts, not Pellet Guns.  Sunglasses, 3D glasses, anything that covers your eyes is acceptable.

Step 4: Quarantine Tent

From here, you will move from the regular sign-in area to the Quarantine tent.  In the Quarantine tent you will be given your blood type, as well as any possible in-game information/effects that you may not want other players to know about.  Here you can ask our game Marshal about anything that you might want to keep secret from other players.  Once you are out of the Quarantine Tent, you will be shown to a waiting area where you can chat with other players before game-on.

At this point, please do not go BACK over to the sign-in area unless you MUST ask the game marshals about something important.  The quicker we can process everyone, the quicker the game will start.

Step 5: Game Play

The name of this game is to survive until the end.  There will be goals to achieve, and things to acquire, but largely you will have free reign of the property, and you can assume that nowhere is safe.  There are things that you can find in game that will have directions upon them describing how to interact with them.

For example: there will occasionally be radios attached to structures.  In these structures there will be things to get, and challenges to beat.  To get past these things, you will need a Game Director to come moderate.  To get the Game Director, you can use the radio!  And so on.  If you find an item with an attached card through game-play, read the attached card before moving it, as it may be a stationary item.

Other than that, have fun!


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