Character Professions

Character Professions

There are five character professions that you can use in Survival.  These professions decide what your character can do and what kind of gear and skills he or she will have.  The professions are:

  • The Medic- Doctors, EMTs, and Army Medics.
    • These individuals specialize healing in sick and injured, as well as using specialized medical tools.
  • The Mechanic- Engineers, Auto Mechanics, and Technicians.
    • The Mechanic knows tools, and knows them well. They can build guns, craft tools, and fortify locations.
  • The Leader- Politicians, Generals, and Celebrities.
    • Leaders can talk people down, cheer them up, or even sacrifice their own safety for those around them.
  • The Fighter- Athletes, Soldiers, and Hunters.
    • These are the people to go to when you need someone who is skilled with guns, knows how to swing a sword, or just generally be in the way.
  • The Sneak- Scavengers, Thieves, and Spies.
    • Sneaks can bypass locks and traps, find resources where others may not, and hide from sight.


These professions will outline which skills you can take.  While you can choose skill trees from other professions, you automatically get level 1 in each of the trees in your profession, and the rest of the skills in your profession are cheaper to buy.


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