Exile-Survival uses Hit Points and a belt of Flags to determine the health and well-being of a character.

~Melee Combat~

All weapon strikes in Survival do one point of damage.  Because this is a universal rule, normal weapon damage is not called.  You simply strike your opponent and they will know that they have taken a point of damage.

Some creatures will do more than one point of damage, or their weapon strikes will have special abilities.  In those cases, the creature will call their damage.  In all other cases, weapon damage is never called.

~Melee Weapons~

Weapons come in two different sizes. Small weapons are 42” or smaller. Large weapons are 42” to 72”. Anyone can use small weapons, while a person needs “Use Melee 1” to use large melee weapons. All Melee Weapons deal one point of damage, regardless of length.

~Ranged Weapons~

These are guns, thrown daggers/rocks, and bows.  ONLY players with the Fighter ability to use these things may use them in game.  It is actually difficult to use a gun, or a thrown weapon effectively if you have not been trained to do so.

Thrown daggers/rocks do one point of damage to their target. When you throw the boffer dagger or boffer rock, you call “Rock, One Damge!”

Guns and bows do NOT do Hit Point damage, but instead, make the limb that they hit unusable.  If you are hit in the arm with a bullet or arrow, you must cease using that arm, and you are under a Pain effect until you get someone with the Surgery ability to remove the bullet/arrow.

If you are hit in the chest or head with a bullet or arrow, you are instantly dropped to zero Hit Points, and must fall to the ground, useless until someone helps you.  In this circumstance, even if you are healed Hit Points, you are under a Pain effect until you get someone with the Surgery ability to remove the bullet/arrow.

If a gun jams (out of game, NERF guns do this) you do NOT need Repair Weapons to un-jam it.

You may aim for the head in this game when using ranged weapons, as eye protection is mandatory in this game.

RANGED head shots will often instantly kill zombies.  Do not swing at another player’s head with a weapon.

Note: Guns will often do hit point damage to zombies

~Hit Points~

Everyone has a number of points that denote how healthy you are.  These are called Hit Points (HP).  When you take weapon damage, you lose Hit Points.

When you hit Zero Hit Points, you begin to bleed to death, which takes 3 minutes.  When you have bled to death, if no one revives you with a special ability (they have five minutes to do so) you report to the Game Director for further instructions.  There are ways to regain Hit Points, mainly through the Medic character class.


Each player, at the start of the event, will be given 5 flags similar to flag football flags. You MUST wear these flags over your clothes, visible and accessible to all.  You may not hide these flags in any way. Four of these flags will be white; one will be white with a red tip.  You arrange these flags so that only the white tips are showing, so that anyone looking would have to guess which flag is the red one. Generally, you tuck these flags into your belt, but you may also tuck them into pockets between your shoulders and your thighs.

So… Don’t do this.

Some zombies in the game will make attempts to grab these flags.  If you have weapons, you may attempt to fight them off.  You may NOT fight them off with your bare hands!

However, if a zombie grabs your flag and you hit it with a stagger (or similar ability) that would knock it away, it must let go before it staggers away.  If it has pulled your flag before you call stagger, you still lose the flag.

If a zombie pulls a white flag, nothing happens.  That zombie will keep that white flag with him or her, and turn it in to the Game Director at their soonest convenience.  If they pull your red flag, however, you have become bit and infected.  At this point, you will turn into a basic zombie at the next game alert. For more information on this, as well as your Basic Zombie Stats see the section on Zombie Infection.

There are ways, in-game, to get flags back.  Losing white flags is seen as a blow to your self-confidence, and therefore some characters have the ability to help you “Buck Up” and feel better, and thus return flags to you.

In-Game Dangers and Special Injuries


Some abilities instill Fear in a player.  If you are affected by Fear, you cannot stand and fight.  You must run away from the cause of your fear.  If you are in a corner, you will fight only long enough to get clear and run away.  Fear lasts for five minutes, or until an ability cancels it. You cannot do anything but escape until the fear is gone, therefore you cannot craft or repair. You can use Rally to remove fear.

~ Disease~

Diseases in Exile-Survival are anything that can be cured with antibiotics. Some examples include: lung infection, staph infection, and infected wounds.  NOTE:  The Zombie Infection is NOT a normal Disease, and needs a special cure.  When you come under the effect of a disease, you will be given a card that describes the disease and the restrictions that come with it.


There are a number of ways to come under the effect of the Pain status.  Some Zombies can put you in Pain, some diseases cause Pain, if you break a limb you are in Pain, and if you are shot with a bullet or arrow you are in Pain.

When you are in Pain, you may not fight offensively, and you may not run.  You may fight defensively and walk.  A Pain effect is ended when the bullet or arrow is removed, when the bone is set, when the disease is cured, or when you are given a shot of Morphine.

~Broken Limbs, Bullet Wounds~

These are things that need to be fixed with the Surgery ability, and cause Pain until they are fixed.  However, even after a broken limb is set, or a bullet/arrow is removed, you are injured for the rest of the event.  This is usually incurable.  This is represented by the lowering of your maximum hit points.

So, if you start the game at 10 hit points, and then take a bullet to the arm, after the surgeon removes the bullet you may only have 9 hit points for the rest of the game.  Normal healing does NOT fix this.  This can only be repaired with abilities that raise your Maximum Hit Points, not heal.  The amount of Maximum Hit Points you lose depends on the level of the Surgery that repairs the wound.

~Blood Transfusion~

There is an ability in-game called Blood Transfusion that allows other players to transfer some of their permanent hit-points over to you. To perform a blood transfusion, you must have the appropriate skill, as well as a Blood Transfusion medical device. This ability may be used as many times as the medical device allows. The maximum amount of Hit Points transferrable at one time is noted on the medical device being used.

As a note, players who are suffering from any disease, or virus, that are the DONOR for a Blood Transfusion, pass the disease or virus to the RECIPIENT. In the event this happens, please contact a Game Director.

~Zombie Infection~

When you become infected (explained in the Flags section) you do not instantly turn into a Zombie.  At this point, you will become a Basic Zombie at the next Game Alert.  The brief explanation of Game Alerts is that the Game Director will occasionally sound an Air Horn.


On the next Game Alert, you become a Zombie and have the same amount of Hit Points that you had when you became Infected.

You may only walk.

You may pull flags.

You have NONE of the skills that you had when you were alive.  You may not use ranged weapons.

If and When you are killed, please report to the Game Director for further instruction.

Bring all item tags that were not looted with you.

Bring all of your phys-reps with you.

While you are infected but still alive, you have the choice to hide it or tell others.  This is entirely up to you.  You should roleplay that you are a little ill, but you don’t have to go overboard if you do not want to.  Other players may kill you BEFORE you become a Zombie, at which point you take all of your gear that was not looted, and report to the Game Director for further instructions.

~Amputation Tools~

There are medical devices available in the game that allow players with the appropriate skill to Amputate Limbs from other players. This can be done to help stop a Zombie Infection from turning a player, but only within very specific guidelines. Firstly, the Amputation must be started within 5 MINUTES of the player becoming bitten (having their Red Flag pulled.)

If the Amputation is successfully performed, then the infected player sees a Game Director to get their Red Flag back, and may continue to play. However, they gain the Vice “Handicap: Missing Limb,” gain no additional Build Points for the Vice, and the Game Director will pick the limb that is missing.

In-Game Items


You can get items one of three ways: finding them through game play, crafting them in-game, or buying them from the Store.

~The Store~

In the main town, there is a store.  This store will always be manned by an NPC playing a merchant or trader type character.  Though the people behind the counter will change, the purpose of the Store will remain the same.

The Store exists for players to trade things they find for things that the Store may have for sale.  It also exists as a non-attackable post in-game if you have questions.  Abilities like Buck Up require interaction with the Clerk at the Store, and if you craft in-game items you need to speak to the Clerk to get the finished product.

There are a number of items that you can get through game play.  These items fall into a number of lesser categories, but two major categories: Ingredients and Finished Items.

Ingredients are used by the various classes to craft finished items.  Sometimes you find Finished Items in game: good for you!  You can use that item so long as your character has the ability.  (For instance, if you find a syringe, but do not have level 1 of Use Medical Technology, you cannot use it.)

If you find Ingredients, you have to have certain abilities to use them.

~Crafting Items~

It always takes 10 minutes to craft an item, if you have the ability.  For this example, we will look at the Medic ability Medicine.

Let’s say that you find the Components for Morphine.  If you are a Medic, you can take ten minutes, out of combat, to turn those Components into a Morphine Syringe.  At which point, you take the Components items and hand it in to the GM who is working at the Store.  In-Game, you are “trading” the empty Vials for a Medical Syringe, which you then can use as a Morphine Syringe.

Ingredient Tags are categorized alphabetically. A legend of what components are required to make what items will be provided to all players at sign-in.

~Using Items~

Most items require a skill to use.  The specific items and skills are listed under the Classes section of the rules.  In the Weapons, Items  and Loot section you can find a chart that has all of them listed simply.

Most items have a very limited amount of uses.  Once you have used up an item, you return the physical representation (the phys-rep) to the Store.  All of the props are property of Exile-Survival, and if we get them back in a reasonable amount of time, we can put them back out into game for you to find.

All Exile-Survival props should be turned in to the Store at the end of the event so that we can set them up for use in the next event. Since characters do not continue from event to event, items that you had in the previous event cannot be used the following event.

~Special Note: Traps~

In Exile Survival, traps exist as an in-game mechanic. For Safety reasons, we do not allow any actual traps to be placed. We use Orange Tape to mark off the trapped area. Orange Tape is considered Out Of Game, and thusly should be ignored. All traps must also have a tag describing the effect of the tag, as well as a glow stick so the tag can be easily read at any time. Once a trap has been triggered, the person who tripped it must take the tag with them, and it is used. The Trap will not trigger a second time. If the tape does not have a tag and glow stick, it should not be considered a trap, and should be brought to the attention of the Game Director.



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