Character Creation

Character creation should be a relatively short process in Exile-Survival.  What follows is the step-by-step walk-through.

Step 1: Determine Starting Character Points

Everyone starts with 10 character points, with which to build their character.  If you have donated items, or survived a previous event, or volunteered to play as an NPC for the entirety of a previous event, you may start with more.  Determine your starting Character Points, and go from there.

Survived a previous event: 1 Point

NPCed an entire previous event: 1 Point

Donated Items: 1-3, depending on the item.  (At the Game Director’s discretion.)

Step 2: Virtues and Vices

Virtues and Vices change the way your character works.  They are bonuses or detriments that change the number of XP you start with or how your character behaves.  You can ONLY choose four total virtues and vices.

Step 3: Character Class

Now that you have your point total, it is time to choose a Character Class. There are five Character Classes in Exile-Survival:

Fighter                    Leader                    Medic                      Sneak                      Mechanic

Each class starts with five Skill Paths in it.  You AUTOMATICALLY start with Level 1 in each of those paths.  Mark this off on your sheet and continue to step 4.

Step 4: Buying Further Skills

This is where the Character Points come in handy.  You spend these points to buy further steps in the various paths.


Skills within your class cost 1 point for level 2 and 2 points for level 3.


These cost 1 point for level 1, 2 points for level 2, and 3 points for level 3.

Step 5: Determine Hit Points

Every character starts with 10 Hit Points.  If you took Virtues or vices that change your Hit Points, factor that now.  If you took a path that adds to your Hit Points, factor that now.

Step 6: Props

If you have abilities that require props, now is the time to acquire props.  Make sure that you have everything that you need to play ON YOUR PERSON when you sign in.



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