May 2015 Zombie Survival!

574903_10151710435165187_882351887_nAs the clouds roll over Southern NJ, emergency warnings begin to blare on radios, televisions, and loudspeakers across the entirety of the Pine Barrens:

An Infection Outbreak has Occurred! Please move calmly and carefully to your nearest quarantine check-point.  Board your windows turn off your circuit breakers to avoid discovering damage to your house upon your return.  This is NOT A DRILL!  Anyone not in their quarantine check-points by 5 PM on Thursday, May 28th will be considered infected and dangerous, and will be tranquilized on sight for later detainment.

If we all work together, this outbreak can be contained quickly.  Thank you for your time!

Families rush to their quarantine zones, moving in a controlled panic for the bridges where they are scanned and then escorted to refugee camps in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York.  The people of New Jersey are becoming used to these scares, as there have been quite a few in the last decade.

Some even avoid the quarantine, finding reasons to stay loose in the infected area.  Looting often runs rampant in these times.  Some cannot get to the zone in time, and simply run, hoping to hide and wait the quarantine out.

What kind of person are you?  What brought you the middle of the pine barrens to hide?  What will you do when you discover that there are more people out here with the same thoughts?

Will you survive?

Join us for our May, 2015 Exile Survival Event, this weekend at the Craig Farm in South Jersey!

Cost to play:
20$ To PC
Free to NPC the event
10$ if you Volunteer to NPC just the Graveyard Shift (4AM to 8AM) or the Dead Man’s Shift (7PM to 12Midnight).

The name of the game is to survive!  You may only enter game with whatever gear you can carry.  There is no setting up of tents, beds, or buildings before hand.  You will be introduced to your environment with the rest of the players, and expected to live through the two day event!

If you leave the property at any time, upon your return you have a random chance of becoming infected.
If you visit your car at any time, you have a random chance of becoming infected.

The game has had, in its history, 4 people survive as the same characters for an entire event.  Will you be the next?!

Write JezzicaTS@gmail.com for the address and information.  Or Find Us On Facebook!  Plenty of people will be able to help you there!

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