Survival: Postponed

I am sorry to announce that Exile: Survival is postponed for the year 2014.  The owners (me) have bought a business and a fixer-upper house, and sadly I do not have the time to run two games.

We are planning to have an event in October, because that is when you HAVE zombie events!  Other than that, we are going to put the game off until 2015.

The staff of Exile is still running events in our Fantasy game, found here.

I am also doing a lot of work on my side project, LARP United.  LARP United is a loose organization of many different games run by many different people, and it is designed to encourage the sharing of players and ideas.  More than half a dozen games have already joined since LARP United was conceived, and we hope for many more!

On top of that, much of the staff at Exile is helping our friends over at FaeGlen: LARP get their game up and running.  The owners at FaeGlen are putting together an amazing game, and if you were looking for something else to do in your down-time, you might want to check them out!

We are also looking into running some LARP Modules at various conventions throughout the year, and if we are going to attend any cons and run Exile: Survival, we won’t charge to play!  (You will already have to pay the Convention fees, so it would be mean.)  When we attend conventions we will let you all know as soon as we do!

I am really sorry that we aren’t able to have events this year, but hopefully we will see you all in October for a zombie survival event that will never be forgotten!

All my love,



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