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Plot for the April Event

Joe Jon

Zombie Outbreak in New Jersey Part II

The outbreak in New Jersey is still hitting strong, and when we last left our survivors, they were holed up at the Necrokenetic Emergency Response Force outpost number 27.  They were alerted to a fire-bombing in the nearby areas, and after one last huge push of zombies, things went quiet.

However, our survivors have been informed that this quiet will not last.  With the outbreak still in full swing in the cities of New Jersey (and no general willing to firebomb homes that can be salvaged), NERF forces have teamed up with local law enforcement to slowly sweep the New Jersey cities and suburbs out.

This means that our survivors have at least two weeks of being huddled together in the pine barrens, and a few days after the fire bombing, zombies start trickling back in.

For those people who cannot make it to the safe zones, or get transported over the river, things are getting tough. Our survivors have started hearing news on the radio about roving gangs, robbing survivors and fighting amongst themselves.  Some are simply looking for food and safety, some are looking to loot homes and survivors, hoping to make some easy money for when this outbreak is put to rest.  Some are religious fanatics, (who always pop up during outbreaks) who believe that the zombies are an act of god, and want to aid the zombies in their destruction of the human race.

All of these things, combined with the ever-present zombie menace, bodes ill for our “heroes”.

Can you survive Part II of our Zombie Outbreak In NJ story?

Join us for April 26-27th, and find out!

Location: Craig Farm.  Write for address or visit us on Facebook or our Forum.

First Event Cost: Free!

Cost to Play: 20$

Cost with Voluntary Zombie Shift: 10 $

Cost to Zombie all Weekend: Free!

Dates: April 26th -27th

Event Length: Two days.  Event Ends at Midnight on Saturday

s Start at: 4 PM on Friday.

s Close at: 7 PM on Friday

If you show up after sign-ins close, you will have to be a zombie for the first wave.  You can make a character and go in as a player for the second wave.


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