New Pricing


After our first full event, we realized that, though everyone had a blast, we ran our very few Zombies ragged!

So we have the following pricing programs!

Full Event as a Survivor: 20 $

Full Event as a Zombie/NPC: Free

Full Event, with Voluntary NPC Shift of either the Graveyard Shift (4AM – 8AM) or the Dead Man’s Shift (7PM Sat – 12 Midnight Sat): 10 $

You can still be turned into a zombie if you get infected and do not cure it in time.  At that point, you stay an NPC until the end of the current shift.  Essentially, if you do not volunteer to be a zombie for a little while, you are betting 10 dollars that you will survive the entire event.

I am a betting kinda gal.   🙂


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