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Story for our first event!

With our Beta over, it is time to launch the first three event Story-Arc for Exile: Survival.

This year, the story arc will be entirely involving zombies.  There will be three events in the story-arc, followed by a blowout in October, where we will try our best to terrify and destroy all mortals who dare attempt to survive the weekend.

Exile: Survival

Zombies in the Pine Barrens

Setting for Zombie Game

The year is 2012, and zombies have been around for about 5 years at this point.

Five years ago, a group of eco-terrorists called LASER (Layman’s Association for Secular Eschatological Redemption) unleashed a plague on London.  This plague first killed all who came in contact with it, but the horror had barely begun.  Hours after thousands of people fell dead from disease, they began to rise and attack those around them.

Though London put this attack down quickly, and were even able to come up with an immunization for the particular strain of “medical undeath” the world would never be the same.

Soon, companies began to manufacture new strains of the disease, in order to be able to make the cure.  Different governments began to use “medical undeath” as a weapon.

There were different strains of this Zombie Plague, and a response team was created as an offshoot of NATO, specifically designed to respond to outbreaks of various Zombie Strains.

Zombie outbreaks in this world have become something like terrorist attacks or flu epidemics:  they happen occasionally and are horrible, but so far the world has not descended into chaos.

Five days ago, an alarm went up in New Jersey.  The bridges have been closed and blockades have been posted on all roads leading out of the state.  There has been an outbreak in the Garden State, and the entire area has been quarantined.

There are military units and police departments screening people who have been queuing up to leave the state, but often these medical blockades are beset by mobs at best and zombies at worst.  The government is advising that people stay in their homes and remain calm, as the outbreak is being put to rest.

However, south Jersey was hit particularly hard, and a number of people have begun to flee into the Pine Barrens, where there is a known, small, military drop point.  Here people are able to get supplies and assistance, as well as some friendly people to help watch their backs.

You have left your home, for whatever reason, and have made your way into the woods, towards this little shanty outpost.  Hopefully you, and whatever allies that you find there, will be able to stay alive long enough to be rescued.

Good luck.


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