Kotori*Con: Zombie Event!

So!  We are about to do our first convention!  This convention is located at Gloucester County Community College, and it is called Kotoricon!


We are going to have a booth at the con.  You are not only welcome, but encouraged to come and assist in running our booth and putting forth a good presence at the convention.  (Also, come enjoy the Convention!)

The convention starts at about 10, but we want to get there at 9:30 to set up our booth and get our stuff straightened out!


(Sorry, but it is convention rules.)

But Jess!  How can I participate?

There are a few options:


abuA few of us are going to man the booth dressed as NERF members.  If you want to join in as a NERF member, you must wear a military ABU style of uniform.

Both the jacket and the pants are required.

Everything else can be up to you.  Remember, the NERF organization in this world is really slack when it comes to dress codes.  They prefer you to wear sneakers, but hair color, style, way you wear your uniform, etc, is all up to you.  The only requirement is a jacket and pants of the ABU colors.  Please see the picture for reference.

Baylee has made us some NERF ranks, so if your ABUs have ranks on them, please remove them prior to showing up. (Or we can remove them when you get there, your call!)


We are going to have a game running throughout the convention.  It is going to be a rock-paper-scissor game that anyone can play, and you guys will be catalysts, moving about the convention and “attacking” (rock-paper-scissor) other players.  You would have to dress up as a zombie.  How about that?

ZAPT Protester

SONY DSCThere are going to be a group of protestors called ZAPT (Zombies Are People Too).  These guys will also play the RPS game, but as humans!  Oh noes!  If you want to be a ZAPT protester, make yourself a Zombies Are People Too (or whatever) picket sign and show up!  (DO NOT WRITE THE WORD NERF ON ANY OF YOUR PICKET SIGNS!)

As for the RPS Game:

Survival Rock-Paper-Scissor

Anyone who wants to play this game is going to be given a tag to safety pin to their shirts. You will get assigned to play on the zombie side or the human side, our choice.  (We want to make sure there are approximately equal numbers of each.)

These tags will have five little rip off tabs.

The rip off tabs will say Human on the humans, and Zombie on the zombies.

If you are a human, and you run into a zombie, you challenge it to a RPS game.  Best out of three.  Whoever wins gets to take one of the loser’s tags.  You may not fight that person again for five minutes.

You can turn your tags in throughout the day. At the end of the convention (actually, probably at 6 o’clock), we will tally up how many tags you won.  There will be two winners.  The zombie with the most tags and the human with the most tags.  These will get a prize!  The prize will be two free events to Exile: Survival, a printout of your picture looking badass with the sign that says Winner or something, and a secret additional prize!!!!!!  Which I have to pick up this week.

Zombie Survival Panel

Baylee, Joe Fro and myself will be hosting a zombie survival panel at this convention.  So, at the least I need people to guard the booth while we are busy being public speakers, at the most, if you are dressed as NERF members, you can come pretend you are guarding the door!  😀

So, who’s with me!?


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